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What REACH Means to Me

REACH transformed our homeschooling situation by providing well organized field trips that enhanced the curriculum we were learning, introduced us to other homeschooling families from diverse backgrounds, provided clubs, classes & activities that allowed our children to make new friends, learn new things and try new hobbies.

Bonnie Bobeck - Reach Homeschool Member

What REACH Means to Me

This is our First year with REACH, though we haven't been able to do as much as I'd hoped, through a Great Program I was able to introduce my Daughter to Horse back riding and she now shares my Love of Horses. We also got to spend a day at the Zoo as a Family. I look forward to many more outings and Classes with this Great Co-Op" The Eubanks Family

Amy Eubanks - REACH Homeschool Member

What REACH Means to Me

Reach Homeschool Group has been a wonderful addition to my family's homeschool adventure. My son who is 10, really enjoys all the activies and learning opportunities that are available through Reach. I

feel I would not be able to provide the type of field trips, STEM classes, volunteering , and social activities that are available through Reach. He also is with a lot of children is own age that he can build long lasting relationships with.

Wanda, the director of the group does an outstanding job providing an array of choices through every age group and interest for the kids. I am so thankful to be a part of this homeschool family.

Stacy Monson - REACH Homeschool Member

What Reach Means to Me

When we first started homeschooling, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get my kids socialized enough. We didn't know any other homeschoolers that we could hang out with. When I found REACH, all my worries disappeared. Ms. Wanda is absolutely amazing. She puts all these fantastic classes together from Art to Engineering to STEM classes and so much more; and mostly at one very convenient location. Not only that, though. She also plans these great field trips to the zoo, the pumpkin patch, or a chocolate factory. Things that as a homeschoolers you want to do, but might get overwhelmed planning it all by yourself. The entire REACH community feels like a big family, everyone watches out for one another and spreads kindness along the way. My kids are always excited to see another REACH event on our calendar. We've been very blessed to be part of the REACH family. 

Janina Geary - Reach Homeschool Member 

What Reach Means to Me

Reach has allowed my kids to have a normal school experience and to make friends. They’ve participated in numerous fieldtrips to places like Luray Caverns, Leesburg Zoo, STEM classes; various clubs like GenerationOn & Beta; and they’ve attended dances, parades, been part of radio commercials, given back to the community, met with a wide variety of speakers, and enjoyed the many seasonal parties and gatherings/playdates sponsored by Reach. Of nine kids, I have already had the joy of watching two graduate high school with Reach; we’ve even participated in PreK/Kindergarten graduations with our kids.

There’s a wide variety of families in Reach, from all parts of Virginia. Some lead in classes or clubs, others offer their help, and all are willing to share their experience and learn from others how best to educate tomorrow’s leaders. I feel blessed to be part of the Reach family because I am not alone, I have a reliable network of people to talk to and guide me, and I can also be a mentor when necessary.

I’ve been with Reach too long to remember. Until I had joined, I felt lost and unsure in my ability to teach my children and in how I was supposed to begin. Reach gave me the boost I needed. I intend to remain with Reach until after the last child graduates high school. I am thankful for Wanda‘a dedication to homeschooling and for getting everything together smoothly. I’ve appreciated every opportunity and learned so much. I can’t think of a better group to join as a homeschooler!

Heather Westphal - REACH Homeschool Member

What REACH Means to Me

We love REACH! Even though we live 2 hours from a lot of the events, we still find it well worth the membership fee. The amount of activities each month is nothing short of amazing!! Sandra Barnes

Sandra Barnes - Reach Homeschool Member

What REACH Means to Me

I have been with Reach for many years now. They have been helpful as a field trip resource, for the wonderful classes they provide and as a community and friends for both my kids and myself. I have gotten all of that from this group. Wanda is amazing and works really hard to keep everything running smooth. There are so many opportunities, it’s hard to keep from doing too much. I am really thankful to have this close to where I live.

Janice Fuentes - Reach Homeschool Member

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