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REACH Newspaper Club

The REACH Newspaper Club meets weekly on Fridays from 1:30-3pm to work on publishing the REACH Newspaper.  The kids range in all ages and each student has a job to do in this club.   They just produced their 1st edition for this year.

Drama Club 

REACH has a Drama Club that puts on shows each year.  Sign-ups for drama start in Sept of each year until the club is full.  In the past they have done the following plays - "Wizard of Oz, The Christmas Carol, Annie, Brothers of Gettysburg, Midnight Summer's Dream, Snow White, Peter Pan, Snoopy, Bye Bye Birdie and tons more... This year they are hoping to put on "The Little Mermaid".....

REACH Reading Club

REACH Reading Club - Starts Jan 1st, 2021 and ends May 2021 - this is for kids of all ages.... Usually I do the reading club starting in Sept but this year with so many things happening I forget to start it back up again - so better late than ever...

The Reading Club is for kids of all ages - for those that cannot read yet you can read to them and it counts...

In May we will have a party to end the year out - this is where you will come and pick out some books to take home and keep, we will have a pizza party, each student will get a prize that participated, certificate for reading and will do a couple of cool door prizes...

Keep a reading log of books that they have read and turn into me at the party and get an additional book to take home.  

Chess Club

Thanks to Mrs Kitfield for handling Chess Club - she has been running this club now for several years - the students learn how to play chess and throughout the year they do competitions and more.  Sign-ups for this club start in Aug/Sept - this club fills up fast..

Kids Running club

New club forming - Running/Conditioning/PE Club

1st meeting will be Friday at 2pm - the coordinator handling this event will let me know which park she wants to use.

The club is FREE to join and is for k-8th graders - Min 10 kids max is 15... 

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dungeons and Dragons Club.......

Mr Bell and his wife Jill Davis Bell will volunteer to run a DnD campaign for Reach members. We will be playing once a month, on the first Tuesday of each month, subject to change depending on scheduling. I am going to run Storm Kings Thunder. I will host a session Zero where everyone will be allowed to pick their character on September 1st. I plan on sessions lasting from about 2pm to 5:30. I will allow character options from any published book, including Critical Role books, which I have. If you have access to digital tools, feel free to use those. 

Lego Club 

The club is open for kids of all ages. I do ask that the parents stay during this club to help out... REACH will provide the lego's (but we are always collecting lego's - so if you have some you would like to donate we will be glad to take them off of your hands).  Club will meet once a month from 11:30-1pm... Visit the fb group for more info

REACH Pre-Teen Club - ages 8-12

Pre-Teen Club (ages 8-12) for Feb 11th, 2021 from 11-1pm - this will be our timeframe for this event for the rest of the school year. The Pre-teen club will meet the 2nd Thursday of every month.. May will be the last Pre-teen club for this school year... For location visit the REACH facebook members only group page

REACH Train Club

Train club for kids and adults - meets 1x a month.  1-2pm 

Learn about trains, visit train stations, ride on trains and more

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a fun club for all ages that love Anime.  Mr. Sisk runs this club and he does all kinds of evens with the students.  They watch movies, play games, attend conventions, learn about animation, cartoons, culture and more..  This club runs for the whole year and fills up every year - sign-ups start every Aug/Sept


This club is for all ages - we usually meet weekly to see a movie at our local movie theater - we usually will see G, PG and PG-13.  It is upto the parent if they wish for their kids to see the movie that is selected.  This is a fun club - the movie is posted on our fb group page with date, time and location

Carry the Load - FLAG Club

New Club - Carry the Load which sponsors F.L.A.G

WHY A F.L.A.G. CLUB? The acronym F.L.A.G. stands for “Fly, Lower, And Gather.” F.L.A.G. Clubs are open to students who are enrolled in the 4th through 12th grades.

The flag of the United States—also known as “Old Glory”—represents everything that is good about this country. It represents Freedom. It represents Courage. It represents Hope. 

 Red represents Hardiness and Valor. 

 White represents Purity and Innocence. 

 Blue represents Vigilance.

Countless men and women have served under her colors, and countless men and women have died defending her.

The F.L.A.G. Club program was created to educate our youth of the history of the American Flag and the sacrifices made to honor it.

F.L.A.G. Club students will learn how to properly Fly, Lower, And Gather the United States Flag

Through F.L.A.G. Club meetings and activities during the school year, students will  learn proper etiquette of the United States Flag  learn important information about our nation’s heroes and their sacrifices for our freedom  learn the history of our Flag and many patriotic holidays.

Ronald Reagan, who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989, once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We must teach each generation of children both the value and the price of freedom. We must instill in them a patriotic spirit, and a proper respect for our country, our flag, and the sacrifices that have been made by men and women throughout this country’s history in order to protect our freedom. That’s why F.L.A.G. Clubs are important!

We will meet for about 30 min or so to introduce the club, fill out membership forms and talk about what the club is going to offer for this school year.. then later we will put out a schedule of meeting dates, times and location for the rest of the year..

Students will have an award ceremony at the end for those that complete their projects....


This club is for middle to high schoolers and it teaches youth about the dangers of distracted drivers whether it be cell phones, make-up, music, not paying attention to the road, drunk driving and more.  YOVASO partners with the local State Police to bring this club to area schools, private schools and homeschoolers - REACH is the 1st homeschool group to join YOVASO...


Coin Club - Limit of 15 students ages 9 and up - We will meet monthly the 1st Fridays of each month from 12-1pm

The cost of the club is only $10.00 per student - this is to cover the cost of coins and educational materials, handouts and more....

Sadly this year the Coin show will not be held at the Fredburg Expo but they hope to return in 2021... I am working with my contact to get coins for our coin group...He is reaching out to those that have given in the past and he is sending me a box of coins up before the club meets....

Each month the kids will take home 5 or more coins and their job is to research the coin and then when we meet up the next month we will do a show and tell at the beginning of each meeting so the students can show their coin and tell us about the coin.. (the coins I get are American coins, foreign coins, old coins and more)....

We will be doing one or two zoom meetings with Mr John throughout the club and he will teach a class on coins and money....

This is a fun club - by the time the club ends kids will go home with 30+ coins, educational materials and more... 

REACH Honor Society - RHO Chapter

The REACH Honor Society is the 1st group in VA to become part of the National Honor Society for Homeschoolers..  Our group is known as RHO... TO be a part of this club you have to meet certain grades and requirements.  Each year we accept new members.  So make sure to look for info around July and Aug of each year.

REACH JR and SR Beta Club

REACH is also a member of the BETA clubs.  We have two clubs JR and SR that meet monthly.  Sign-ups for these club start up in Aug/Sept - there are requirements you have to make to become a part of this club.  


ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement

CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful

LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow

SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others

Teen Club

The Teen club meets the 1st Thursday of every month from Sept to May - this is for ages mature 12 and up - The club meets for a time of fellowship, eating, playing games, trivia and more.  The club is FREE to join - the only cost is food if you want to eat where our meetings are held..  Each month we do something different for the teens.

Skateboarders/Scooters/Bike Club

I’m thrilled to have had so much interest in a “club” for kids to get outside and ride their skateboards, scooters, and bikes! I’ve checked the weather and made a tentative schedule. If the weather changes or something unforeseen comes up then I will let you all know if we have to cancel or change a meet up. So here it goes…

Dec 2nd (Wednesday) - Culpeper

Dec 10th (Thursday) - Fredericksburg

Dec 16th (Wednesday) - Ashland

Dec 21st (Monday) - Fredericksburg

Jan 7th (Thursday) - Ashland

Jan 13th (Wednesday) - Ashland

Jan 20th (Wednesday)  - Fredericksburg

Pokemon Club 

New club forming - Will meet 2x's a month - ALL ages are welcome to attend... 


GenerationON club is for students ages 4 and up - this club meets once a month and the group does one large project and then they split into their groups by grade/age and do other community events in their smaller group..  The club is FREE to join - info regarding dates and times can be found on the REACH facebook group page

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