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1.  How long has REACH been around - This year 2021-22 REACH has been in existence for 22 yrs.

2.  Who runs REACH - Wanda Sloper/Director/Owner

3.  What does REACH stand for?  Responsibility Educating ALL Children at Home

4.  What areas does REACH cover?  We have members all over VA, MD and DC..  REACH covers many areas but our homeschool hub is in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area.  

5.  What ages are in REACH - we have from Prek to Seniors..

6.  When does membership start and end?  We run Aug to June of each year - you can join in at anytime.  Membership is prorated in March of each year.

7.  How do I receive the info on what REACH does?  When you become a member you will be added to our Facebook group page and that is where info is shared about our events, dates, times, location and cost.  

8.  What does REACH offer - We offer fieldtrips, dances, clubs, classes, graduations, school pictures, yearbooks, mentor program, contest, community events, parties, and so much more

9.  Can I offer to teach a class or offer to do a fieldtrip?  Yes please by all means - just let me know what you would like to do or offer... 

10.  How do I get ahold of you?   You can reach me via email at or my cell at 540-287-9202

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